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2020 Annual Spring Meeting – 3/25/20   7:00PM

Location: Longmont Moose Lodge

  • Starts promptly at 7pm so arrive between 6:30pm and 6:50pm to check in, pay dues, and obtain your new ID cards and placards.
  • Meeting will have plenty of updates and important information on the upcoming year, so you are encouraged to attend!
  • Bring your wallet for the great prize raffle. Hope you can make it! See you soon…



Hunting Tips

Decoy Leaders

There have been questions about the depth of the lakes for setting decoys out in front of the blinds. Below are some helpful hints.


You need pretty long rigs for the south lake, in some areas 15 feet or so. I drill a small hole just a little smaller than the size of weight cord in both the front and back of the decoy keel. Try not to hit the keel cavity. Then split the hole to the outside with an Xacto knife. You can then slip the line into the hole at the length you need. You can either set them at home if you know where you will be hunting and know the depth of that area or like I do, just drop the weight over the side of the boat until it hits bottom. Then insert the line in the hole and drop the decoy overboard. There should be enough slack for them to float properly.


On the north side of the lake you are fine with 6 foot rigs. On the south side of the lake I would use 10 – 15 foot decoy leaders in front of blinds 4 and 8. And I suggest using 8 – 10 foot decoy leaders for blinds 5 and 6.

Whenever you are on the lake setting decoys, either by wadding, from a boat or on the ice, it is suggested that you wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD).

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 Club Officers

President: Kevin Lamar
Vice President: Mark McNeill
Secretary: Tom Lund
Treasurer: Garrett Von Guten
At Large Members:
Tyler Moore
Rich Harris
Rick Johnson

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