Calendar Usage and Tips

We are using a “Google Calendar”

Read Access:  “Public” access: everybody (not just members)  can view it – but everybody can not change it.

Update Access:  Specific Members (eg. Board Members, Blind Captains) can be setup to have modify access.

  • To modify the calendar the member needs a Google account. This does not mean you are required to have a gmail account.

If you don’t have Google account, then the Calendar can be viewed through website.

Detailed Google Calendar Instructions

Users with ability to add and edit events.
  1. Google Account
    1. You must have a google account. If you have a gmail account, then you already have a google account. You do not have to have a gmail account to have a google account.
    2. To set up a google account go to this page and follow the instructions:
    3. Google Calendar
      1. Go to
        1. If you are not signed into your google account, you will be presented a sign in page, otherwise you will presented with your google calendar.
      2. To add the new calendar to your view:
        1. On left hand panel at the bottom of the “My Calendars” list, select the “+” after the “Other Calendars”. Select “From URL”
        2. Paste the following url into the address. Don’t bother with checkbox. Click “Add to Calendar”
  2. Click the Left Arrow at the top if the Left Hand Panel to Return to your Calendar view and you will see the new calendar in the Left Hand Panel.